Singapore Pest Management Association

President’s Message

memeberWhen I was elected as President of SPMA some 6 years ago, I never expected to be in office for more than 3 terms. For all that time, I had an excellent team of Council Members who worked well together.  Our Council Members were unflinching in their support to help keep Singapore Pest Management Association current and relevant. Going into this new term, 2 Council Members have decided to step down from the Governing Council. In their place, we are pleased to welcome 2 new members. This is a small step in the renewal of the SPMA management team. Our task this term is to actively press on with this renewal process.

Our Governing Council’s task for this new term is challenging. The pressures on economic growth is evident, the tight employment situation makes it all the more important to invest in training and improving our productivity to stay ahead. Pest threats continue to re-emerge without warning. Recent examples are Bed Bugs. We must remain vigilant and able to respond to these challenges using environmentally friendly measures of pest management. This prerequisite in pest management is more acute. Our island state is one huge catchment area and whatever we do in the use of pesticides must target at zero pollution of the environment.

We have to seek new ways of pest management, examining the benefits of how we are to preserve biodiversity and encourage the use of control methods using natural alternatives and pressing home the need to emphasise integrated pest management as the way to curb the proliferation of pests in our very fragile Singapore ecosystem. More and more, we must be proactive in the way our services must be helpful in providing solutions and less as mere dispensers of pesticides.

We are pleased to continue receiving the support and close collaboration from NEA, the various Overseas Agencies and especially for the Scientific Technical help and advice from Professor Lee Chow Yang of University Sains Malaysia in Penang. We owe them much for their help in raising the standard of the pest management industry.

As an Association, we have made much progress but more has to be done. We have to convince all those operating in this industry to join us as members. Together we can take on the challenge to make the pest management industry one that is staffed by the best pest management professionals.

Thank you.

Mr Andrew E L Chan